Antares: X-Ray Optimizing Drill


  • Dedicated X-ray Drill Optimizer
  • Stacked and/or staggered pad measurement permits individual layer scale capture.
  • Modules with full or partial automation available.
  • Option: Post-etch drill capability allows total flexible tooling opertaions.
  • Option: Full panel X-ray CMM functionality with MDB data storage.
  • XACT data certified or direct user output
  • Precision linear motion control
  • Long life drill spindle system
  • Large installed base
  • Large installed base of equipment
  • Small footprint
  • Lower entry cost
2000L LED Direct Imager


Antares X-Ray Optimizing Drill

Galaxy: Auto Deflash + XRO
Galaxy Auto Deflash and XRO

Galaxy Auto Deflash and XRO




  • Integrated Flash Removal and X-ray Drill Optimizer with optional automation.
  • Modular design configurable by user
  • Module: X-Ray Optimize
  • - Dedicated XRO for system precision
  • Module: Flash Removal
  • - Automatic flash trimming
  • - Collection for disposal
  • Module: Edge Bevel
  • - High speed beveling of panel edge
  • - Sealed edges reduce process debris
  • Module: Corner Rounding
  • - Radius corners reduce contact damage
  • Module: Panel Marking
  • - Serialize panels for process tracking
  • Module: Thickness Measure
  • - Laser thickness data logging
  • XACT compliant software or direct user output
  • Systems in operation worldwide.
X-Check: X-ray Measurement Station
2000L LED Direct Imager


2000L LED Direct Imager



  • Tabletop workstation for registration measurement and confirmation.
  • Precision X-ray measurement with ease
  • Single Target Measure: Obtain the range of registration error for a single target.
  • Annular Ring Check: Measure the distance of drilled hole to pad or trace tp pad to confirm specifications.
  • 4 Point Interpolation: Measurement of 4 seperate points with visual align.
  • Systems in operation worldwide.