MivaTek Global applies a philosophy of ‘total product immersion’ in the products and industries it serves. By getting involved in products and technology applications completely we are best suited to support the customer and supplier alike. MivaTek Global role in technology products does not always result in a defined product but often a new process or approach to problem resolution.

Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

MivaTek Global’s team has extensive experience and relationships within the PCB industry. MivaTek Global’s products and expertise are applied everyday in circuit board applications involving imaging materials and techniques, drilling, measurement, factory floor data tracking and a range of wet processes.


MivaTek Global is involved in several microelectronics applications. Our team and extended relationships have the ability to work with clients that need support with photoresist selection, imaging methodology and process development of interposer, solar, chrome mask, microflex, and transducer products.

Chemical Milling

MivaTek Global has supported the development of new technologies within the chemical milling industry with several different products. Miva’s Direct Imaging technology has become an instrumental tool for high resolution imaging with precision registration. Miva’s direct imagers and film plotters are used daily to fabricate linear encoders, die sets, micro-mesh parts, and etched parts.


MivaTek Global’s entry into electroforming was to support the development of a new approach to electroforming OLED display foils. The result was the ability to produce OLED screens with pixel sizes below 10 microns. Many applications in electroforming require high resolution imaging and camera alignment which is MivaTek Global primary expertise.