Focusing on Emerging Technologies

PCB Manufacturing

MivaTek Global's team provides a wide range of expertise, products and applications engineering solutions to the global Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing market.

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MivaTek Global and Miva Technologies have partnered in the development of high resolution microlithography solutions for microelectronics and solar panel applications.

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Chemical Milling

MivaTek Global has supported the development and implementation of several new technologies for chemical milling including decorative and die making segments.

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MivaTek Global supported the development of a new high resolution electroforming process permitting OLED displays to approach VHD resolutions in production.

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MivaTek Global Advantages

MivaTek Global provides a total market solution for electronic subsystem manufacturers and suppliers alike. Manufacturers benefit from MivaTek Global's full product immersion approach whereby we know the products we market as well as anyone. Suppliers benefit from MivaTek Global's full product immersion approach by being comfortable in the knowledge that MivaTek Global will fully support the market, help make their product better and be there for the long term.